Lucio Pavese

Owner & Hairdresser

53 years of experience in the hair industry

Business owner since August, 1971

Internationally trained

Familiar with both classic and cutting edge hairstyles, cuts, and color techniques

Extensive knowledge of all hair products 

Excellent dexterity at handling different hairdressing tools

Perfect eye-hand coordination with superior work efficiency

Well educated in common hair problems and their primary solutions.

Lucio's Family


Catherine- Colorist

Angie- Colorist/Hairstylist

Donna .D.- Colorist/Hairstylist

Donna .K.- Colorist/Hairstylist

Stacy- Colorist/Hairstylist

Pierina- Colorist/Hairstylist

Roza- Colorist/Hairstylist

Ernie- Colorist/Hairstylist

Alona- Manicurist

Rochelle- Manicurist

Kim- Esthetician/Manicurist

Marina- Esthetician/Manicurist

Marzenna- Esthetician/Manicurist

Alicia- Esthetician

Eva- Esthetician